that upcycled life

Even the most broken things can be upcycled in the right hands.

What began as an idea for a YouTube show quickly transformed into a multi-faceted public ministry–one that successfully blends DIY/Rehab/Repurposed home decor projects with correlating Christian devotions and content.

Currently in production are the YouTube shows That Upcycled Life with host Christine Chappell and TUL Uncut with host Bobbie Schae.

Co-Founder Laura Fleetwood hosts a bi-weekly introspective podcast series which recaps all of the guest appearances, themes, interview activities seen on the YouTube shows, called TUL Reflections.

TUL also produces an Upcycled Minute segment features a wide-variety of female Christian authors, writers, speakers, ministry leaders, and bible teachers sharing minute-long devotions that tie into the 6 keys of living "that upcycled life."
That Upcycled life
Join host Christine Chappell as she takes viewers on a journey through the highs and lows of upcycled design. Christine and her "Upcycled Minute" guests creatively mirror faith-based devotional content with the process of salvaged restoration.
TUL Uncut interviews
The unedited, unscripted video interview series that digs deep into real-life stories about real-life pain to share the real-life hope of the gospel message. Show centers around giving viewers testimonies of faith, courage, and endurance in the face of life's most challenging moments.
TUL Reflections podcast
A thoughtful audio compilation and commentary hosted by Laura Fleetwood. Show features reflections on TUL show episodes, Uncut interviews, and introspective thoughts designed to help listeners seek the still in the chaos of life.

How It All Started

In the season one finale, host Christine Chappell shares a raw, candid testimony of how God upcycled her long battle with depression and reluctant hospitalization into a ministry now known as "That Upcycled Life."

Recounting a series of events over a 12 month period, the story serves to share with viewers a testimony of how God constantly works through our suffering and pain to bring beauty and new seasons of life from the wreckage. All for our good, and His glory.