Guest Submission Guidelines

Are you interested in collaborating as a guest blogger? Here are some guidelines to consider:

Spring 2017 Theme: Easter/Cross/Crucifixion/Resurrection (deadline March 16th)

  • How does Good Friday/Easter Sunday intersect with your daily life, bring you hope when things are hard, etc?
  • Describe a time the enormity of what Christ did on Good Friday really resonated with you/moved you/made you thankful.
  • Share a story about loss/grief/death and how the truth of the resurrection gives you strength when mourning overwhelms.
  • Take something that Jesus said on the cross (from the Gospel accounts-Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) and expand upon its importance then, and its importance now.
  • Reflections on Jesus & his disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane

Other Possible Post Topics

  • A recent time the Lord convicted/exposed/taught you about himself/faith/Jesus/the gospel by using interactions with your children or spouse.
  • Your current favorite bible verse and the story behind why its your favorite.
  • Finding joy in a season of busyness/child-rearing.
  • Something the Lord has taught you recently during your bible reading/study/quiet time.
  • (If you have experience with depression/anxiety/fear/panic/anger/bitterness) How the Scriptures have comforted you during a season of darkness or trial, and how God grew you through that time.


Blog & Writing Style

To best fit in with the blogging style:

  • Read the following post. It is a good example of my style—story mixed with how God used it to teach me something about myself AND himself, which Scriptures that support it (
  • Ensure that at least one relevant Scripture verse or passage is included in your writing.
  • Feel free to include resources or recommended reading in your post (I will provide affiliate links to recommended products as available.)
  • Aim at around 700-1000 words. Please do not exceed 1000.
  • Make sure that your article is gospel-centered and Christ-exhalting. I’m not much for self-improvement, but rather how Christ promises to improve us and change our hearts, and how his Word, his Spirit, and spiritual disciplines are instruments of that change. For more about my statement of faith (and to ensure we share the same foundational beliefs,) visit
  • Send in your headshot, short bio, and links to social media/websites you want hyperlinked at the end of the post.
  • Posts are accepted year-round unless otherwise noted. Holiday specific post deadlines are listed near the topic ideas.
  • Articles will be screened for clarity AND biblical accuracy/truth. It is extremely important to me that teaching God’s Word through the ministry of writing is taken very seriously with great responsibility and care.


Examples Posts of Themes & Style

The majority of my posts center around marriage, motherhood, ministry, or bible study. Here is an example of each:

Marriage (For the Man Who Loves a Broken Mind) (Dear Newlyweds: I Don’t Wish You Happiness)

Motherhood (Offering Hope to the Mom with a Messy Heart) (Finding the Root of Our Impatience)

Ministry (When Someone Else is Living Your Dream) (Finding Hope in the Waste Place)

Bible Study (4 Tips for Improving Scripture Memorization) (Ditching Personal Agendas When it Comes to Reading the Bible)


For Submission Inquiries

Does this sound like a possible match for your writing and audience? If so, please submit an inquiry below, submitting a link to a recent article that provides a great example of your typical writing style and voice.

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