Preface for Consideration:

Please read this post and watch this video as a preparation for viewing the workshop. As Timothy Keller says, “An awful lot about what Christian faith teaches about salvation and about Jesus doesn’t make sense unless you understand what the bible teaches about the human heart.”


Part One: What is Heart Transformation?

(tip: don’t forget your worksheet and set the YouTube settings to HD for a clearer view!)

Part 2: Common Stumbling Blocks to Heart Transformation

Part 3: Hearts of Flesh | Seeing the Gospel in Ezekiel 11:19-20

Part 4: God’s Purpose in Heart Transformation

Part 5: God Transforming a People for Himself

Feedback? Comments? Requests?

I would love to hear your feedback on this workshop. If God has spoken to you through it, please let me know which part or topic hit home for you! Your input is critical to helping me grow as a teacher and also ensure that future presentations of this material continue to evolve in all the right places. Please leave a comment on the contact page.