How to Handle Walking Through Depression (Thrive Moms Video)

How do I handle depression in motherhood

Walking through depression can be a dark, deep, lonely season of life–especially for mothers. It’s a topic I’ve written about in a number of ways, and a battle I continue to fight against by faith with every ounce of strength I am afforded by the Spirit.

In this most recent video feature at Thrive Moms, I share 4 huge Biblical truths that have helped comfort me as I’ve traversed the fog of depression. It is in these times of doubts, sorrows, and hopelessness that we are helped by remembering God’s sympathy, care, and compassion.

A bruised reed he will not break, my friend. Depression, though painful and horrid to endure, will not be the end of you.

Free “Jump Start Care Checklist” Download Now Available

Are you walking through a depression and unsure of what do to next? Are you a caregiver who wants to help someone, but unsure of how to help your loved one take next steps? Please click here and I’ll send you an advanced copy of the “Jump Start Care Checklist”, a page designed with my top 5 steps for sufferers and top 5 steps for caregivers to consider when crafting a care plan for help and recovery.


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’m pleased to share that I’ll be releasing a new digital download in July 2018 geared towards equipping sufferers and caregivers of depression with biblical insights, tools, and resources for walking through the darkness.

“I think the question that every depressed follower of Christ asks is: How can I feel what I feel when I know what I know? Christine steps into that isolation with a very comprehensive and compassionate resource to offer hope. Honestly, I felt her arms wrapping around my brain as I was reading. She offers Scriptures, sermons, books, articles, and videos that can speak truth into our souls, at just the speed with which our souls can grasp the truth. I am very grateful for this resource!”

-Ruth McWhite, Women’s Ministry Director at North Greenville University


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