Clean Home, Messy Heart

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“Feelings of inadequacy and overwhelmed days can frequent young moms. As Christine opens up her thoughts, she shows how to reign them in with the gospel, explaining how God’s path for Christian living is the only way that truly gives hope.”

Stephanie Niednagel, women’s conference speaker and mom of five

About the Book

Clean Home, Messy Heart was awarded top ten honors in the 2015 WestBow Press New Look Contest

Clean Home, Messy Heart was awarded top ten honors in the 2015 WestBow Press New Look Contest

Motherhood can be a confusing time of turbulence for women losing the fight for contented peace in Christ. With our mouths we bless the Lord, but with our hearts we curse the tantrums, rebellions, and arguments with our children. This inner turmoil and bitterness can leave us feeling guilty, isolated, depressed and hopelessly overwhelmed.

As we frantically grasp for some semblance of control, we clean and scrub, yell and wail, cry and fight, wondering how our once joyful hearts ended up so battered. Before we know it, the struggle to keep our homes sparkly clean and children well-behaved begins to reveal a darker battle waging within us—a redeemed heart still refusing surrender.

Can the good news of the gospel hold us together when we’re sorely split at the seams? Can the Holy Spirit restore the joy of our salvation when all we feel is the agony of defeat? And will we ever experience the happy hopefulness of a clean heart as we cry out for God’s transforming grace?

Join author Christine Chappell as she weaves gospel truths with real life stories of motherhood in the trenches. Through honest storytelling and grace-centered theology, overwhelmed moms are given the encouragement they need to thrust towards the Word of God for hope, strength and lasting heart change.

“It’s uplifting, it’s real, and truly enlivening. Take care of your tired soul and get a copy of “Clean Home, Messy Heart.” This mama speaks my language.”

Allie Casazza, The Purposeful Housewife

Additional Features

  • Chapter reflection questions
  • Prayer prompts
  • Memory verse suggestions
  • Small group leader tips

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