Life-Changing Truth Video Series #1: God is Glorious (Megan’s Story)

Life-Changing Video Series | The Four G's | Tim Chester | Soma Church | Christine M. Chappell

“I found myself out with coworkers, wishing that a car would hit me.”

Recently, I introduced Tim Chester’s “Four G’s” to my blog, mainly as an effort to equip readers who are struggling with chaotic seasons of life. Because I too am walking through a very difficult and chaotic season, I thought I would invite readers to use some of the same things the Lord has given me to find hope and courage to endure through the process (click here to read the original article, “4 Life-Changing Truths About God that Move Us from Chaos to Courage”).

In 2013, The Soma Family of Churches produced a video series of testimonies that give personal real-life stories to echo Chester’s 4 G outline. I have found these videos to be extremely encouraging, as they address everyday issues such as depression & panic, divorce, financial hardship, and perfectionism, from both male and female perspectives.

I’d like to share these videos with you as a resource for your own personal reflection, but also to use as an encouragement for those you know who may be dealing with seasons of unprecedented chaos, and who would benefit from turning to truths about God’s character to find the courage they need to endure.

Megan’s Story | God is Glorious

“I found myself out with coworkers, wishing that a car would hit me.”

Listen to Megan’s story as she discusses hiding her panic attacks from family and community for the sake of maintaining her Christian image.

“God is glorious — so I don’t have to fear others.”— one of the Four G’s of life-changing truths about God that has the power to defeat strongholds, overcome temptations, and help us live in the freedom we’ve been given in Christ.

For More About the Four G’s & Accompanying Resources

Please click here to read my original blog post about the Four G’s and to instantly access four free phone lock screens designed to help assist readers to committing them to memory. The post also contains other useful articles, book recommendations, and resources.

Note: If you would like to know more about the Scriptural basis for Chester’s “Four G” outline, please reference his book You Can Change: God’s Transforming Power for Our Sinful Behavior and Negative Emotions.