5 Steps to Fighting Emotional Strongholds (I Choose Brave Feature)

5 Steps to Fighting Emotional Strongholds | Christine M. Chappell

Thankful for the invitation to write for Katie Westenberg and her powerful blog I Choose Brave. This article dives into a message I delivered at the Made Well Women’s Conference last year as well as a podcast interview I recorded with Tiffany Milligan Castleberry of A Mom’s Mission Field.

If you’re accustomed to saying you “struggle” with particular strongholds (anger, fear, panic, anxiety, bitterness, etc.), may I suggest a simple mind-shift that puts the power of Christ back into your hands?

In Christ, you aren’t a struggler. You’re a fighter.

Why does this matter, how do you know it’s true, and what practical steps can you take to gird up when the battle comes?

I hope these resources encourage you to take bold and brave steps towards a fierce and fighting faith.

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5 Steps to Fighting Emotional Strongholds

Do you often say the word, “struggle” in relation to overcoming emotional or spiritual battles? It’s a typical word we use to communicate our problems to friends, family, and even to the Lord through prayer. The truth is, even I had become accustomed to seeing myself through the lens of “struggle”. I struggle with depression, struggle with anxiety, struggle with anger (and the list certainly goes on.)

Yet search God’s Word and you will be hard-pressed to find a reference to “struggle” at all. Instead, you will find that the Scriptures paint a picture of warfare, battlefields, and weaponry. Indeed, the Christian faith is a fighting faith. Battling bravely against the strongholds that plague us requires action, intention, and the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. In short, our faith in Jesus means we’re free to fiercely fight against fear, panic, anxiety, anger, bitterness, etc.

Even the definitions of the words “struggle” and “fight” are contrasted. To struggle with something indicates there is a restraint we are desperately trying to get free from.  To fight against something means we are free to actively exchange blows with our opponent, usually through the use of weapons. It’s no wonder the Scriptures use battlefield metaphors so frequently. Those who belong to Christ have already been freed from the chains that would bind them. In Christ, the struggle with our strongholds is really a fight against them because we have been equipped with the proper weapons to engage from a place of victory, not defeat.

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